Chad Sexton

Hi, I'm Chad Sexton

You may remember me from such adventures as the time we launched an online automotive entertainment channel and grew to an audience of 5 million fans, that New Year's Eve we sold the first direct-to-consumer car for the world's largest automotive services company or maybe when we built the first online case management system to provide support to thousands of families adopting children.

If we don't know each other, let's fix that now.

I've spent the last fifteen years of my life starting businesses and launching products for myself and some remarkably incredible companies. It's been my privilege to work for and consult with non-profits, SMBs, government agencies and global enterprises.

So what can we do together? How about...

  • Make it big in social media
  • Grow a brand with an explosive content strategy
  • Open a restaurant, or a car dealership (sorry, never again)
  • Start a NPO and change the world, film a television pilot or develop amazing software

Email me now at
Let's have some fun.